Ombeni Safaris

The Road Less Traveled

The Ombeni Experience

Your enjoyment is our top priority and we’re continuously dedicated to the details. From the time you arrive into our care you’ll be impressed with the little things. Our safari expert will be waiting for you at the airport where you’ll be warmly welcomed, being offered cold beer and local South African wines, as you ascend into a life changing experience to never be forgotten. All of our guides are graduated wildlife experts, educated via Mweka Wildlife College located in the Kilimanjaro region. Our ground team defines our success, and we understand clearly they are the front line in our quality of service. For us, maintaining long-lasting relationships with our experts is key and something we’re very proud of.

You’ll experience VIP express checkout through airport customs in upon arrival in Africa, arranged by our team. This means you will not wait in line with the other arrivals, but take a separate expedited route guided by airport management. 

Upon arrival, you’ll be offered a custom tailored native garb made by Ombeni’s sister Linda, a very unique gift. Our travelers enjoy this special detail as they integrate with warm welcoming natives. Alternatively you may choose a native Maasai Shuka, a colorful traditional blanket which serves many uses from a picnic throw to a wrap-style garb.

Time spent in your safari vehicle should be enjoyable. You didn’t travel to Africa for boring commutes. Boasting Land Cruisers with WIFI, binoculars, mobile device charging station, and refrigerator for snacks and beverages, you get the full experience. Although you’ll find road trekking enjoyable, it’s no excuse to keep you in the vehicle for long hours. We offer a high quantity of internal flights putting you in the express lane to prime destinations as you marvel from the sky. Upon landing, from the tarmac you’ll hop into a fully equipped Land Cruiser, enroute directly to a national park or other prime destination.