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The Road Less Traveled

Where In Africa Should I Go?

To answer this question, we must first figure out what it is you'd like to do and see on your trip. We provide service to two distinct regions, South Africa and East Africa, each possessing a unique set of sights and activities. Whichever you choose (or both), we'll ensure you're presented with the best attractions, guided by our friendly and highly experienced ground team.

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Photo: Dense vegetation surrounding the climbing trail to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

East Africa

The ideal region for a classic safari experience, East Africa boasts unforgettable encounters with Africa's wildlife kingdom, and we'll get you up close. Nowhere else in the world will you experience similar wildlife or geographic anomalies such as Mt. Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater. Our company's owner, Ombeni, is a native to the Tanzanian village of Mt. Meru, where he not only operates safaris, but directly supports a variety humanitarian causes. As our guest you are welcome to visit Mt. Meru and witness the positive impact Ombeni Safaris continuously provides, as well as become acquainted with the Massai tribal culture who are well aware the positive impact safari visitors have on the local economy. A combination of one-of-a-kind safari destinations and a warm cultural experience makes East Africa the best, most remote classic safari region possible.

Photo: Serengeti National Park Migration

South Africa

Here you'll experience an incredibly diverse culture and landscape. South Africa's unofficial motto is A World In One Country, and rightfully so given its mix of the old and new worlds. Venture to some of Africa's best wildlife reserves and also indulge in the offerings of Cape Town, a modern bustling city full of night life, elegant restaurants, all within view of the ocean and unique Table Mountain. Cape Floral Kingdom is the richest floral area on the planet with over 9600 species of plant life, 70% of which occur nowhere else. It is a popular place for weddings, and we'd be honored to give special attention in planning such an event. Take a boat tour to Robben Island, a former prison now museum where Nelson Mandela was once held. We recommend South Africa to travelers who enjoy experiencing new cities and also a rich safari experience.

Photo: Cape Town, South Africa